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Posts marked moon

Fun moon photography by Adrian Limani

Dreaming of the night with digital artist Catrin Welz-Stein

Big cities aren’t the best places to see stars, but these photos make the view above as dazzling as the lights below. Click on the images to see photo credits.

Big moons and bright stars by Amelia Senville

Lunar Eclipse Over Mt. Shasta by Sean Bagshaw

Lunar Eclipse Over Mt. Shasta by Sean Bagshaw

Gorgeous evening landscapes by Aaron J. Groen

The Time & Space zero-gravity watch by i3Lab.

You can see it in motion here:


La Lune 1 and 2 by Christian Chaize

Chaize on his project:

We know the moon well…through storybooks, werewolf films, telescopes, planetariums, NASA photographs, charcoal drawings, rounds of cheese, and of course, in the sky. It occupies its familiar place in space, in legends, in our daily lives. Yes, we know the moon, though it may affect us in ways we don’t even recognize. And like the beach I often visit, like so many things taken for granted, I wanted to see it anew. I wanted to see it in detail. And I wanted to see it in grand dimensions.

The route was long and filled with hard won introductions, visits to observatories, experiments with various telescopes, lenses and cameras…at one point, I thought this new series should be made up of all my failures. But the subject was far and, after all, I was trying to “shoot the moon”. Over a year later, I finally arrived at the vision I’d hoped for. Using an assemblage of over 4500 photographs. I faithfully composed and enlarged them to arrive at a single image over two meters wide. Technically, I reached the limit of what one can presently shoot photographically from the Earth. The scale, the detail, the cropping…here, the moon is not so much floating in space, but rather, it is the space. Maybe, like me, you can now see it again for the first time.

Some of the new views of Saturn’s moons now available in our Cassini HD for iPad update in iTunes.

Planet, sun and moon pendants from the Edelstein Metalsmiths Etsy store.

More wonderful work from Leonid Tishkov’s photo series Private Moon

Joel Robison’s work is full of wonder and whimsy, so it’s appropriate that you can find him under the name Boy Wonder on sites like Flickr and Etsy.

Moonlight Magic I & II by Alexandra Fomicheva