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Posts marked geology

Photographer Alex Mironyuk’s amazing rock collection

Beautiful (and sometimes bizarre) lanscapes captured by photographer Thibault Barron

The other-worldly beauty of Yellowstone as captured by photographer Björn Kleemann

Spectacular images of lava by Bruce Omori

The many shades of twilight by photographer Alex Noriega

all NATURAL by Chad Gunderson

Gunderson on his project:

The term “natural” can be elusive and ambiguous. Additives can be used in an attempt to augment and amplify flavor, color, and texture. The sculptures I create are deceptive in a similar way; color schemes and surfaces from commercial items have been injected into organic forms, twisting them into something different entirely.

Influences such as Lego bricks, 8-bit video game sprites, and vintage Tupperware have been mixed up and are unearthed along with my geologic obsessions. Arbitrarily sculpted by wind, sand, and water, the allure of rocks is converse to the clean aesthetics and deliberate choices of manmade items. With playful naivety, my work is an attempt to highlight and understand the fringe between these two seemingly opposed objects.

I see my work as a modern day counterpart to ancient Chinese scholars’ rocks. These rocks were carved, distorted, and used as tools for the imagination. My work, though, also merges elements from contemporary culture by using plastic veneers and saturated colors. Ultimately, my creations become part of a collection of fabricated and fetishized objects which represent how the human imagination can mutate geologic and fossilized specimens into engineered designer relics.

The unusual formations from the area around Zabriskie Point in Death Valley, CA captured by Gregory Boratyn 

I don’t often use the words “hella cool”, but I can’t think of any better ones to describe these photos of the Cordón Caulle volcano in Chile by Francisco Negroni.

Bored Panda has assembled an impressive gallery of 15 Of The Most Majestic Caves In The World. Click on the images for locations and image credits and visit the gallery for more amazing places.

Ten of the world’s most mind-blowing landscaoes highlights some of the amazing places featured in Lonely Planet’s Beautiful World book.

The colors in these stunning aerial photos haven’t been enhanced. They’re just a sampling of the diversity of hues found around the earth’s surface captured by Bernhard Edmaier for his EarthART: Colors of the Earth book.

Some of the 25 Mind Blowing Volcanic Eruptions Caught On Camera assembled by List 25.

Some of the Surreal Landscapes Around the World collected by The Telegraph for a fascinating gallery. Click on the images for locations and check out the original gallery for more information and many more bizarre places.

Badlands by Zeitguised

About the project:

Exploring the Arizona desert landscapes, the photographer’s camera becomes the recorder of the original source, while the artist’s digital modeling tool interprets the phenomenology of the geological formations. The resulting world becomes a striking and uncanny walk-in bastardization between the rich reality of the landscape and the reduced analytic model thereof.

High above the Grand Canyon by Peace on Earth.