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Posts marked economics

The Australian Maths Art Project by Anthony Jones

About the project:

…from a leading Australian Mathematician and Economist, investigating connections between art, its history and the worlds of mathematics and economics. Fibonacci, Grid systems, The Golden Section, perspective, proportion, Euclid… these and many other points of reference became subject matter for the works.

Nobody can take the complexities of economics and boil it down to its simplest essence quite like NPR’s Planet Money. They have mastered making difficult financial concepts understandable and even entertaining, so it comes as no surprise that they could do the same thing in a whole new medium. 

RSA Animate - Choice (by theRSAorg)

Most of you are probably already familiar with the fantastic animations of the RSA, but for those of you who are not please check them out. They tackle all kinds of seriously fascinating topics, all while amusing you with their clever illustrations. For those who are already fans, you may not know they have an app.