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Posts marked bioluminescence

The long-exposure photography of Takehito Miyatake captures nature’s fireworks.

Fireflies light up the dark in these delightful photos by 500px user yume . 

Luminous creatures captured by underwater photographer Joshua Lambus

Images from National Geographic’s slideshow Glowing Blue Waves Explained. Go for the pretty pictures and stay for the fascinating information about bioluminescence.

Kateřina Smolíková’s award-winning Skyphos collection of chandeliers is inspired by bioluminescent organisms.

About the design:

[The chandeliers are] a web of blown glass tubes and bulbs arranged in a layered volume. Thin strips of tiny LEDs are threaded throughout the body of the chandelier so that when lit, the transmitted light emanates outward as if filtered through the diaphanous membrane of a jellyfish.

Artist Shih Chieh Huang spent a good part of 2007 exploring specimens of deep-ocean animals as a Smithsonian Artist Research Fellow. He was particularly interested in the unusual evolutionary adaptations that allow these creatures to live in environments unthinkable to humans. One of those adaptations, luminescence, has become a major inspiration for several of his recent exhibitions. 

If you hurry, you can still see Shih Chieh Huang’s most recent large-scale, multi-media installation project called Luminosity (pictured above) in Louisville, KY from September 23 to October 24 at the Land of Tomorrow Gallery. If you can’t make it to that exhibition, you can look for his exhibition The Bright Beneath at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History until January 8, 2012.

Here’s a video of one of his earlier installations: