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The CGSociety had a contest that challenged digital artists to illustrate how the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) attacks critical immune system defense cells in human blood, causing the disease AIDS. Alexey Kashpersky (mrRIDDICK) from Poltava, Ukraine won first prize for his image (top). The other images show details of his work in progress.

Kashpersky on his work:

As for the artwork, in fact, I was pretty worried about its position among the works of other participants. Before I get started, I’ve learned a lot of materials, reviewed hundreds of photos, and studied the AutoPACK 3D model. How and what is there. And over some time realized that I had somehow change the initial “correct” form of HIV, in the direction of artistic exaggeration, since I did not want just to render a model, but to express in the form and shape the depth of the problem, and I decided to stop on this. Consciously decided to make an artistic exaggeration, but knowing that my work can cause a controversial reaction from respected judges. Because they DO know how real HIV looks like!

I am very grateful to them for the fact that my thoughts and what I wanted to express in the form, in some way violating the “truth”, understood and appreciated. This means I did it! I have express in this work the pain, suffering and fear of unknown, which in inconceivable tandem go hand in hand with physical beauty, light feelings of love and passion.

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