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Geometric art by Mark A. Reynolds

Reynolds on his work:

There is a sympathetic magic between pencil and paper that is primordial. Many people have had an experience with this magic in some way. Bring geometry to the magical ceremony that we call drawing, and the power and energy of the union can be sublime and infinite, especially when geometric structures are drawn. The shapes, forms, grids, and structures that I sometimes call compositions are almost endless. Through decades of work with geometry, I have come to realize that drawing is a transformative act, and, that drawing geometrically is also a transcendental one.

Erwin Panofsky, in his Idea, a Concept in Art Theory, said that Plato conceived of the Idea as being, “in the world of shapes and figures something perfect and sublime, to which imagined form those objects not accessible to sensory perception can be related by way of imitation”. These shapes and figures of Plato’s were essentially geometric in form. If we consider the geometric aspect of reality and the structures of the universe, we are led to ponder just when geometry first became present in this universe, and that geometry may indeed be a gift from the gods. One may be led to ponder whether geometry, by its very nature, within its chi, there is a consciousness similar to our own. At least, there may be an awareness that geometry itself is a vehicle that connects the human mind with the universe of things and energies. Its mechanisms, its ways of structuring, of composing, may be inherent within geometry itself, for we did not invent geometry, we discovered it. (Perhaps there was an exception on mankind’s obsessive use of the straight line however.) I believe that geometry at least shares something with the human mind that makes mind aware of the eternal, the constant. We then ask when geometry first came into existence in the universe, and by what hand or energy or law.

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