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These beautiful sculptural maps of cities are striking at first glance, but they become even more interesting when you take a closer look. Matthew Picton makes these unusual maps from materials reflecting each city’s cultural heritage. These materials can be as varied as text from novels, book covers, musical scores and even DVD covers. Click on each image to see a partial list of the materials used on the maps above, or better yet check out all of his maps here

About the project:

“Cities bring together culture and ideas, convert human power in to form, energy in to civilization, they are like brains directing and developing civilzed life” Joel Kotkin  The organism of a city is a distinct entity that has been shaped by social, political, economic and topographic factors and is illustrative of the systemic patern of human civilzation.  Sometimes catastrophe befalls the urban organism, civlization breaks down either from internal forces or external ones.  The cities selected here represent some of the most extreme examples of cataclysmic change…

The sculptures present a layered historical approach to the evolution of the contemporary city organism,  past incarnations of the urban form are contained within them.  The key periods in history of division and change are incorporated, the past is reconstituted and made visible once more.

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    this may be one of my favorite posts on tumblr. not even joking. well done, matthew picton. you are amazing.
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    These beautiful sculptural maps of cities are striking at first glance, but they become even more interesting when you...
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