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This ad campaign by Leo Burnett for Jeep is flipping awesome! Literally. Each one of these animals can be flipped upside down to reveal an entirely different animal.


Jonathan Smith: Streams, 2013

Within Invisibility by Jiayu Liu is an installation powered by the wind of 40 Chinese cities.

Liu on her work:

What if we use wind to represent wind?

This project is about nostalgia, personal investigation, and testing the boundaries of data visualisation, and creating a multisensory experience of invisible data. Within Invisibility renders wind data into a multisensory experience. Live data comes from 40 major Chinese cities, each represented by two fans. Each fan shows a graph called a rose or curve,. Wind speed change over the past six hours is proportionally condensed into six seconds, in order to fully visualise a full day’s wind dynamics within a visitor’s attention span.

I want to explore the connection between one’s perception of a city and its data. Though invisible, wind is a universal force, tightly connected with a city’s climate, landscape, even infrastructure and traffic. Thus I have chosen wind as an agent to express multiple layers of data, to allow viewers to not only see but feel the data just as one feels the wind, be it gusty gale or gentle breeze.

Seascapes by Antti Viitala 


Stay-at-home dad and photographer Shawn Knol takes stunning macro photos of water drops.

Some of the many configurations of Infinite Sunset by Joseph Gray

About the project:

Created after visiting Kauai and staring West into the Pacific quite a bit during sundown […] It intentionally uses simple graphical elements to visually describe a sunset seascape ever changing in its sameness. The piece is meant to be viewed with various devices/contexts and is therefore a “responsive” composition. Aesthetically the piece pursues the reductionist purity of certain mid-century modernist perspectives but using the contemporary, generative, medium of code.


Belgian photographer Isabelle Menin creates richly gorgeous and expressive portraits of flowers. She calls her work “inland photographs and disordered landscapes” in reference to the parallels between the strange complexity of nature and of humans.

I went to the Chelsea Art Walk yesterday and was totally blown away by these generative pieces by teamLab at the Pace Gallery. Nothing beats seeing them in person, but these videos are a much better representation of them than just photos:


Blue Iceland by Andy Lee

Spectacular images of lava by Bruce Omori


How to generate a fractal using an IFS (iterated function system).


How to generate a fractal using an IFS (iterated function system).

Summer heat getting you down? Here’s some amazing photos of people in an ice cave in Iceland by Luri Belegurschi