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Images from Gondwana: Images of an Ancient Land, a book by photographer Diane Tuft.

About the book:

After receiving a grant from the National Science Foundation in 2012, art photographer Diane Tuft traveled to Antarctica to study and document the effects of ultraviolet and infrared radiation on the landscape. Gondwana: Images of an Ancient Land chronicles the extraordinary results of that expedition, with over 50 stunning images that capture Antarctica’s raw, untouched splendor with colors, textures, and compositions that verge on the surreal. Named for the megacontinent that once contained what is now Antarctica, Gondwana presents a living reflection of hundreds of millions of years of Earth’s history, a mythical land as it has never been imagined before.


Artist Zimoun Creates a Storm of Styrofoam in a Swiss Museum 

36 ventilators, 4.7m³ packing chips

Motors, metal, styrofoam, nylon, wood, controlling system. Dimensions: variable.Installation view: Art Museum Lugano, Switzerland, 2014

via Zimoun. GIFs via Colossal and Design Boom

The Lotus Building in Wujin, China by Studio 505 is as smart as it is beautiful.

Studio 505 on the energy efficiency of their design:

The project has been designed to minimize energy usage- with over 2500 geothermal piles driven through the base of the artificial lake, The entire lake water mass and ground beneath is utilized to pre-cool (summer) and pre-warm (winter) the air conditioning systems for both the lotus and the two storey building beneath the lake. The project is also mixed mode and naturally ventilated and utilizes evaporative cooling from the lake surface to drive a thermal chimney within the main flower pod.

Walter Hugo & Zoniel installed a jellyfish tank in an abandoned building in Liverpool.

Stay awake during Chemistry class with the help of these Periodic Table of Coffees and Teas travel mugs from my Thinx Shop on Zazzle.

Plant sculptures by Émeric Chantier


Is this how you wake up in the morning? :)))


Is this how you wake up in the morning? :)))

$5 Makes A Difference is a creative ad campaign by Ogilvy Australia for Forest & Bird.

Oglivy Australia on their work:

Forest & Bird protect all of New Zealand’s native species and wild places, but they receive no government funding. To continue doing the work they do, they desperately needed new members and the cheapest membership option is $5 a month. With that in mind, we wanted people to discover for themselves how a mere $5 could make a huge difference – it can help put a bird back in its natural environment. The concept was well received and then extended to $10 and $50.

Sometimes scientists have to get creative to raise funding for their work. Squid scientists Andrea Suria and Sarah McAnulty have come up with some very creative ways to reward contributors on the Kickstarter-for-science site These include prints of their own artwork (pictured above) for donations of $100 or the ability to name one of the squids in their lab for the low price of $20. Check it out to see how you might be able to help them reach their goal and stick around to see if there might be some other scientists you can help support too.


Jaime PItarch: Chernobyl, 2008

Colorful snake photography by Andrew McGibbon. Click on images for descriptions