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the first post ever on tumblr

Everyday Astronaut by Tim Dodd

Dodd on his project:

In November of 2013, I found myself the lone bidder of a Russian high altitude space suit on an auction website called RRauction. Since then, I’d been scheming how to best use the suit. I have been revisiting my childhood love for space and my obsession was growing stronger and stronger. It was only natural to use this suit to project the inner child in me, still dreaming about space. With that, I present to you: “A day in the life of Everyday Astronaut”

Enjoy some sea-side dining this summer with these Ernst Haeckel plates from my Thinx Shop on Zazzle

Giant glass flowers by Jason Gamrath

Bring your own insects to the park. These water bottles (and many more) can be found in my Thinx Shop.


The Names of 10 Fireworks Effects

A helpful guide to 10 common types of fireworks. 

Juniper Books has assembled what may be the most patriotic book set ever. Featuring 9 classic American authors, the books form an American flag when pushed together. The authors included in the set are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner, John Steinbeck and Robert Frost.

The Glass Labyrinth by Robert Morris

About the project:

In spirit, Glass Labyrinth acknowledges similar prehistoric markings on stones and cave walls, ancient Greek myths, and Christian metaphors for pilgrimage to the holy city of Jerusalem. Thus, it transcends time and space to remind us of the power of deeply felt archetypes. In form and material, however, this labyrinth is a departure from the more familiar circular and rectangular labyrinths of old. Triangulated and constructed of glass plate walls capped with bronze, it speaks to this moment in the language of modern architecture and design–streamlined, dynamic, transparent, and elegant.


Baby Squid Photography
by Jeannot Kuenzel - Malta

All rights reserved by Jeannot Kuenzel
sharing enabled / downloading enabled
Posted on Flickr March 29 and 31, 2014

top image
EGGS of Loligo vulgaris: the European squid, a large squid belonging to the family Loliginidae.

bottom image

Two stages of the development of a [European squid] are visible in the picture. These eggs are about 3mm in diameter; when the little squid inside has used up all the nutrients (all the yolk that is attached to it), it plops its suckers to the inside of the diaphragm and releases enzymes that will aid opening the shell, pushing through the opening - and a tiny new ALIEN of the DEEP is born :]

Notice the CHROMATOPHORES already embedded in its skin and the tiny little SIPHON… BTW, the SQUID on the left is actually laying on its back…

Original Tumblr post from biovisual

Shark guns by Christopher Schulz


Celebrate passing your thesis defense or graduating with honors with these very special champagne flutes.


Share a bottle of wine with your beloved or keep the whole thing for yourself to make for more interpretive thesis writing! Either way, these deep-etched glasses will keep you (+/- your company) in style.


Underworld The Intrepid Cave Photography of Robbie Shone