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Abraham Lake in winter by Carl Pan

Creepy crawlies courtesy of macro photographer Vasily Menshov

Nightscapes by Thomas Roux

Foggy landscapes by Kilian Schönberger


Amazing Skulls Sculptures by Alain Bellino

Serve up something spooky this Halloween with these plates from my Thinx Shop on Zazzle.

A living moss bathmat for your bathroom designed by Nguyen La Chanh.


Table Topography: Wood Furniture Embedded with Glass Rivers and Lakes by Greg Klassen

The Redwoods Treehouse by Pacific Environments was originally designed for the Yellow Pages as a promotion for their green initiative, but now can be booked for special events.


At GE Global Research, a tube of almost pure quartz is heated to temperatures of around 1,700 degrees Celsius to create custom laboratory glassware. The material is then molded and tailored specifically to the experiment it’s being created for.